Saturday, April 2, 2011

A and J Bakery, a Nut Free Bakery

We recently visited my home state of Rhode Island and took a visit to A and J Bakery, a Nut Free Bakery. It was my daughter's first visit to a NUT FREE bakery where she could pick out whatever treats that she wanted!  Well, almost any treat, since she is also allergic to dairy.  But, she still had plenty of choices.  We may have overindulged a bit, but we let the kids each pick out 4 treats, plus the cake that we ordered.

I also snuck in some shopping by picking up some Easter treats for the kiddos too.  This will be their first year with full size chocolate bunnies.  I made some chocolate lollipops a few years ago, but they were so sad looking.  The kids loved them, but I wanted them to have pretty, wrapped bunnies like other children get.  A and J Bakery to the rescue!!

I'm sure that we will be making many trips to A and J in the future.  The staff was helpful and polite, and they also ship some of their products as well.  I always miss the boat on ordering nut free holiday candy for the kids before everything is sold out of the stores.  Shop early!!  

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